Boveda 2 – Way Humidity Control Packs


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Boveda 2 – Way Humidity Control Packs are perfect for anyone who likes to buy bulk cannabis or has a small home grow. Keep one pound of weed fresh, fluffy and sticky with this single Boveda 62% RH humidity control pack. Use Boveda’s two-way humidity control in airtight jars, bags, and containers to protect against over drying and mold for months. It’s as simple as removing the plastic overwrap and slipping the Boveda alongside your stash!

Boveda keeps items fresh by stabilizing the humidity inside your airtight container. If the air inside your container is too moist, Boveda absorbs that moisture. If it’s too dry, Boveda releases moisture into your container to bring what’s inside back to life.  Use a Boveda pack for new items.

62% RH is for people who live in dry climates,  high altitudes,  prefer sticky flower and for reviving dry weed.  67 gram is for large airtight weed storage containers or bags, including jars, CVaults, or canisters, as well as for keeping up to one pound (453 grams) of cannabis fresh.

Boveda 58% is for you if you like items that are easy to break down or live in a high-humidity climate. Use one 5.25″x3.5″ Size 67 pack in a bag or airtight container to keep up to 1 pound of items fresh.  The Boveda 58% RH is for less stickier bud.  You can also use Boveda 58% to restore overly dry items to their original vibrant state—the way nature intended.

Shelf life approximately two years.  All Boveda packets will turn into a solid wafer when they’ve expired.

Available in 58% and 62% humidity. Sizes available in 1 gram, 4 gram, 8 gram and 67 gram packages.






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20 x 1 gram 58% humidity, 20 x 1 gram 62% humidity, 10 x 4 gram 58% humidity, 10 x 4 gram 62% humidity, 10 x 8 gram 58% humidity, 10 x 8 gram 62% humidity, 20 x 60g brick 58% humidity, 20 x 60 gram brick 62% humidity, 1 x 67 gram 58% humidity, 1 x 67 gram 62% humidity


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