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Terp sauce is a cannabis extract that contains a high concentration of terpenes, resulting in a runny, syrupy sauce-like concentrate, amber in color. Terpenes are the fragrant oils that give cannabis flower its many different aromas, such as lemon, pine, or skunk; they are also thought to contribute to the various effect profiles of cannabis strains.  It may contain CBD, THC, and many other active cannabinoids.

**container may vary as well as color may be darker,  contents is one ounce.

*we recommend you purchase terp sauce to mix with diamonds – not as a stand alone product for consumption*








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1oz, 7 Grams, 3 x 1oz, 8 x 1oz, Half KG, KG

11 reviews for Terp Sauce

  1. Would love to be the first review lol,

    I could only afford the black one but I get the Amber RSO 680-720mg a ml from bc looks similar to be honest and it’s 🔥

  2. Straight fire 🔥 (verified owner)

    Is this the same as the golden RSO just rebranded god I loved that stuff will it ever come back?

    • herbyadmin

      It is!

  3. SM (verified owner)

    AMAZINGLY POTENT! This stuff is incredible. Once you open the vial, you smell the terps from a mile away. I got 7g of it, found you only need a very small amount, and if you let it absorb sublingually, it takes effect fairly quickly, unlike most edibles. So many uses, too! 10/10!

  4. Lewis Nash (verified owner)

    this stuff is pretty good, although it still has some butane in it. flavour was like orange peels, very nice.

  5. Dennis (verified owner)

    Amazing taste with a strong buzz. Nice and smooth

  6. Brittany (verified owner)

    Amazing taste , great buzz , and great price

  7. Aaron S

    Smoke it eat it rub it all good worx like a charm, bless you

  8. CB

    ok guys hows this stuff dab on its on it own i know the owner suggests mixing with diamonds but what do ypu guys think and can any of you give me me your best guess as to thc% thanks guys i appreciate any feedback btw loving this site its my new favorite place

  9. CB (verified owner)

    update this stuff is awesome and the price is amazing absolutely you can dab this on its own and get wrecked tastes fantastic very strong citrus and pine taste smells very strongly of it as well mixing it with diamonds is a fan fav for a reason what a kick but ii was using it to dip my cones then roll them in the kief that i also got from here bit wasteful but the damned things burned for like an hour and got me nice and toasty ty to the good folk at herbazon i loved it

  10. BILLY PROVENCHER (verified owner)

    blond mais ruff gorge excellent produit et a ce prix imbattable

  11. The Bartmeister (verified owner)

    I love the taste of this sauce and it instantly kicks you in the skull ! Thanks to you all at Herbazon for making these amazing products and prices available to us all !

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