Gummy Bears

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Infused THC and CBD  gummy candies.  May be  assorted shapes and flavours or all one type.

Health benefits are not guaranteed.  Benefits may be for insomnia, pain and joint relief, fibromyalgia, anxiety, PTSD, nausea, increased appetite.

*colors may vary.

*Start low and go slow.   Recommended to start with a low dose.  Gummy candies may be cut into smaller pieces.  They may have a delayed effect and is recommended to wait at least an hour to hour and a half before consuming more.



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10 x 25mg Bears, 25 x 25mg Bears, 50 x 25mg Bears, 10 x 55mg Bears, 25 x 55mg Bears, 50 x 55mg Bears, 10 x 100mg Bears, 25 x 100mg Bears, 50 x 100mg Bears, 10 x 55mg Jumbos, 25 x 55 mg Jumbos, 10 x 100mg Jumbos, 25 x 100mg Jumbos

8 reviews for Gummy Bears

  1. z_trent2 (verified owner)

    Grabbed 2 10packs of the 25mg gummies. All I can say is WOW!! For being an equal amount of THC and CBD, these are quite perfect for day use and if needed more jist pop another. Be careful though too many and you’re flying, unless of course that’s what your after

  2. Shannyn Murray (verified owner)

    LOVED these! Ordering again!

  3. Strictly_hippy (verified owner)

    Deeeeeeelish!!!! So nice and soft and a great flavor too. Long lasting effect and very pleasant 😊

  4. gmrrob (verified owner)

    Have tried MANY Diff ones around ,BUT… These are Clean no upset tummy 1/2 to 1 with Tea Sometimes. Just right down the Hatch:)

  5. laurie.tremblay (verified owner)

    My first time buying edibles. I bought a pack of 25 of 25 mg. It’s incredible. Half a gummie (12.5) takes the pain away for few hours. I love and highly recommend. Will definitely buy again

  6. Jim

    100mg is fire … order again

  7. laurie.tremblay (verified owner)

    They are incredible. I bought the 25 mg and the 100 I highly recommend.

    Ils sont vraiment super. Top qualité. Je recommende

  8. laurie.tremblay (verified owner)

    Bought them more than once. 🔥🔥🔥

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