Humboldt Kush Budder

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Humboldt Kush Budder

Humboldt Kush, or humbolt kush,  genetics are something of a mystery, but it’s believed to be an Afghani strain that was cultivated in the Humboldt County area of California in the 1970s and later gained popularity in Europe in the 1990s.

Humbolt Kush plants are fast, tall growers that need lots of attention. Given proper care, they grow well indoors and out, flower in 8 weeks, and have above average yields.

Humboldt Kush’s aroma is floral and sweet and its high is uplifting and upbeat, bringing to mind the qualities of a Haze strain. It’s a good choice if you want to stay clear-headed.

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1 Gram, Ounce