Mid Grade Shatter Saver


We will prep into individual grams the add on quantity selected (As long as you select the exact amount or less of purchased ounces)


Mid Grade Shatter

Multipacks of our best selling mid grade shatter

Usually $189/Ounce but buy bulk and save!

Buy 8 for $129/Ounce (Save $560)

Buy 18 for $119/Ounce (Save $1,440)

Buy 36 for $112/Ounce (Save $3,132)

You’re more than welcome to request strains in the order notes and we will do our best to accommodate – any strains not in the correct grade or out of stock will not be sent and we will pick for you.

“Mid-grade shatter” is a term used in the cannabis industry to describe a type of cannabis concentrate known as shatter. Shatter is a transparent, glass-like concentrate that is typically amber or golden in color and has a high potency. It is one of the most popular forms of cannabis concentrates due to its purity and ease of use.

The term “mid-grade” in this context suggests that the shatter falls somewhere in the middle of the quality spectrum. It means that the shatter is not of the highest quality or potency, but it is also not considered low-quality or inferior. Instead, mid-grade shatter represents a concentration that is considered decent in terms of purity, potency, and overall characteristics.

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2 Individual Ounces, 18 Individual Ounces, 36 Individual Ounces, 4 Individual Ounces, 8 Individual Ounces