Boggle Gum Shatter

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Boggle Gum Shatter

Boggle Gum is the award-winning, indica-heavy offspring of Northern Lights #5 and BOG Bubble, both strong indica strains. Ironically, the dominant effects of Boggle gum may owe more to its sativa genes: a boost of creativity, a shot of energy, a dose of euphoria, and intense happiness, along with a deeply calming sensation.

Boggle Gum is best used to treat anxiety, low mood, chronic pain, stress, and migraines and other headaches.

Boggle Gum took home the 2011 San Francisco Cannabis Cup in the best indica division. That may be in part due to its high THC content. Meanwhile, CBD levels are very low, which is much too low to recommend this strain as an effective treatment for epilepsy or other disorders that can be treated with CBD preparations. Boggle Gum produces a sweet, musky aroma reminiscent of soil and a sweet, earthy flavor with hints of flowers. The buds are small with a frosty dusting of trichome crystals. This strain is sold at dispensaries in San Diego and Sacramento, but elsewhere it’s quite hard to find.

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