Budget Budder

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Low Grade Budder

Color may vary from lighter to darker than those pictured.  Product boasts different textures.  Consistencies may  include crumble, softer, or various levels of wetness.

No strain names – just says Budget – for a specific strain you must buy that strain.





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1 Gram, 16 Individual Ounces, 3 Individual Ounces, 32 individual ounces, 8 Individual Ounces, Ounce

32 reviews for Budget Budder

  1. boivinalex74 (verified owner)

    Vraiment surpris pour le prix 😱💨💨💥💯

  2. boivinalex74 (verified owner)

    Nice produits

  3. Mig (verified owner)

    Produit tres intéressant vu son prix et bon gout en general

  4. Miguel (verified owner)

    Produit tres intéressant vu son prix et bon gout en general

  5. Dominique Lafrance (verified owner)

    Super tasty, super terpy, all around really good for the price!

  6. Notyou (verified owner)

    At that price you can’t go worng lol ! Good stuff

  7. guynoeyes (verified owner)

    Wow. At this price point I was quite unsure of what to expect. The smell was meh. The taste was a little under meh standards. So far, it’s what to expect at this price. Then the high … wow, thank you sir may I have another. I mean, the smell and taste aren’t the worst, no chemical or sulphur taste so good there. The high though, much better than I expected. I am super pleased with this purchase.

  8. Tim Gauvreau (verified owner)

    I receive blackberry lime haze. Great stuff smell good not to harsh take 2 minute to feel the effect and keep your glass rig clean

  9. domer09 (verified owner)

    Got the same kind of budder but still 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Bro 420 (verified owner)

    Very good stuf

  11. domer09 (verified owner)

    This time I got Tahoe OG. Gotta say it is 🔥🔥🔥 thank you herbazon!

  12. Jacques Lafrance (verified owner)

    FOR THE PRICE this Is absolutely 5 star you are getting decent budder with decent taste and smell. I’ve tried 4 different kinds of this budget budder and they are all really good obviously it’s not the best you can buy and some consistency are off but overall this is absolutely worth the cost.

  13. domer09 (verified owner)

    Cant go wrong

  14. Germainr (verified owner)

    Excellent for the price , really wish there was a strain select option, other than that A+++ deal.

  15. Al Soucie (verified owner)

    Best budder for the price point blank

  16. Metro (verified owner)

    You seriously cannot go wrong with this deal for the price and high each of the ounces i got get me spaced out easily and that’s something that doesn’t happen often the smell on two of my ounces were great but the third one was a really strong smell that i can’t put a word on but i tried it and it kicked my ass as well this deal is crazy.

  17. Ty

    Very good for the price just wish you could order a full lb in 1 go

    • herbyadmin

      If the inventory allows it you can order multiple of the 3 packs, unfortunately we cannot do larger quantities than that at this time

  18. Ty

    I see if you guys are able to make it so we can order it 5 times so 15 jars would be cool

    • herbyadmin

      You can’t order more than the inventory unfortunately. However many you can order is how many we have

  19. Benoit charest (verified owner)

    Blue cheese
    Plusieurs achats de plusieurs site..
    Herbazon a définitivement la meilleure qualités /prix .
    Odeur,gout et texture incroyable
    Si vous voulez choisir la sorte quelque bonne sorte son dispo pour 20$de plus mais pour un choix du chef cest parfait 139$/un once !!!!

  20. Benoit charest (verified owner)

    Sans oublié
    Shatter 1g cadeaux
    Essaie de la cream topic

    Herbazon vous etes les meilleurs

  21. Benoit charest (verified owner)

    2iem comande toujours aussi parfait

  22. Davy (verified owner)


  23. Aaron (verified owner)

    When you first smoke it dam, then next time same thing dam. Hits you where it needs too, smooth prolly only tried 2. Perfect 9/10 moldable ao it ain’t a sticky mess since summers almost here. Luvvvit

  24. Alex (verified owner)

    Tres bon rapport qualiter prix

  25. jeepyamc (verified owner)

    Je ne comprends pas le prix,,première fois avec le produit beurre et recommande à 100% je le fume dans ma yocan et wow

  26. laurie.tremblay (verified owner)

    100% agree, this is amazingly potent. I was skeptical because of the price. But an amazing 28 grams of budder. I will definitely order again.

    J’ai adoré ce budder. J’étais sceptique a cause du prix mais vraiment impressionnée. Très potent. Je recommande et je vais acheter a nouveau

  27. chopintag (verified owner)

    Excellent thanks

  28. chopintag (verified owner)

    Good stuff thanks

  29. BILLY PROVENCHER (verified owner)

    tres odorant ouvrer couvercle et laisser le etre absorber par air texture et gout nen seras que meilleur a ce prix excellent

  30. Cole (verified owner)

    Pretty nice for the price!

  31. Robert Russell (verified owner)

    I have got this5 or 6 times over the last 2 years never disappointed

  32. laurie.tremblay (verified owner)

    Many times I’ve purchased in the last 18 months, always happy 🔥🔥🔥

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