California Dream Budder

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California Dream Budder

California Dream, also known as “Cali Dream,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain made by crossing Blueberry with Super Silver Haze. California Dream effects are reported to be more energizing than calming.

Some say it makes them feel relaxed, talkative, and uplifted. Consumers find this strain is best enjoyed during the morning or afternoon. The flavor of California Dream tastes like citrus with earthy pine undertones. When smoked in large doses, this strain may cause some consumers to feel paranoid. Make sure to take it slowly with California Dream until you know how it makes you feel.

The dominant terpene in this strain is myrcene. California Dream is high in THC and should be reserved for experienced cannabis consumers. This strain is most commonly found in flower form. The original breeder of California Dream is BSB Genetics.

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