Churro Distillate Cartridge


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Churro Distillate Cartridge

1 mil cartridge for 510 thread

The flavor profile of the Churro weed strain reveals an array of different aromas, ranging from sweet fruits, citrus touches, and succulent berries to peppery earthy notes, which all unite to create an intense, skunky and sweet flavor. Many smokers also recognize the flowery taste due to the linalool terpene, but unlike some other strains, it’s not overly perfumed and only adds a pleasant flair to the bouquet.

Strain Effects and Possible Adverse Reactions
According to users who’ve smoked the Churro weed, it works quite mildly, bringing out the feeling of happiness, joy, euphoria, and a pleasant relaxed sensation. Some people also note that cannabis can help relax physically while also clearing the mind from disturbing thoughts, as well as making you talkative and giggly.

Due to its effects, the strain is considered to be a suitable solution for helping with treating medical conditions such as:

Bipolar disorder
Epilepsy and many others


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