Corona Kush Budder

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Corona Kush Budder

Corona Kush, not exactly the type of strain you would want to get involved with in the midst of a pandemic, right? Well, don’t worry! This marijuana strain has little to do with the novel virus and more with some very tantalizing effects and delicious flavors. This Corona Kush marijuana strain comes in a fast version that displays a very quick and convenient growing operation for your gardens. While the exact genetic parent strains used to breed this winner is unknown, it is believed to have been the result of two highly potent indica-dominant strains. The outcome was an indica work of art which graced the cannabis markets with its profound flavors and mind-boggling effects.

The special unity of different and contrasting flavors blend in very well to start a party in your mouth. With varying hints of earthy notes, dank skunkiness, citrus, sweetness, and subtle notes of spice present, you will soon find your mouth wanting more and more with each hit! The dominance of indica will creep up your body as it melts you down into a state of pure drowsiness and tranquility. Let the body and mind capture the whole essence of this strain and before you know it, you are gonna be completely stoned and relaxed for many hours to come!

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