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Distillate – Golden –  Sold in Ounces

Distillate Cannabis oil contains high levels of THC.  Golden honey like texture and color.  Can be dabbed, added to joints,  ingested orally or used for baking.

What is Distillate?
Cannabis distillates are the latest craze among concentrate consumers. With so many extract types to choose from, marijuana users can experiment to find their ideal mix of potency, purity, and texture. Concentrate types include wax, shatter, budder, oil, crumble, and distillate. Compared to the average flower potency between 15% to 30% cannabinoid content, distillates offer consumers 90% and beyond of popular cannabinoids including THC and CBD.

Potential Benefits:

Distillate contains pure and potent compounds that have been used by medical patients that require large amounts of cannabinoids. Although research on cannabis is limited, CBD and THC compounds can provide pain, inflammatory, and anxiety relief for many patients. Distillate can be infused into many products including vape pens, capsules, edibles, and more. Distillate is a great option for consumers who want the effects of specific cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

When vaped or smoked, distillate offers fast-acting and long-lasting effects. Cannabis distillate is usually odorless making it a functional addition to edibles. That means that the distillate won’t affect the flavor and taste of the infused meal or drink. Best of all, cannabis distillate removes all solvents and pesticides, if any were used, from the final product.

First-time cannabis users may want to steer clear of distillate until they’ve built up a tolerance to the specific cannabinoid distillate. THC and CBD distillates can be a strong and convenient way to access the unique therapeutic effects of each cannabinoid. For discerning cannabis connoisseurs, distillates are the new frontier among concentrates.


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8 reviews for Golden Distillate

  1. brandongtr985 (verified owner)

    Top quality distillate

  2. 123w222 (verified owner)

    First ever herbazon order showed up! Impressed with the distillate ! Thanks guys I’ll be back

  3. Ricky Spanish (verified owner)

    Amazing quality

  4. Phill (verified owner)

    Please put more on the site this is amazing 10/10

  5. laurie.tremblay (verified owner)

    Amazing quality 🔥🔥🔥

    Incroyable distillate je recommande

  6. Jason Leveiller (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Will be buying again

  7. Curtis Mugford (verified owner)

    Absolutely Awesome Product, got a free g of budder too, thanks

  8. Henrietta


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