Herojuana Budder

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Herojuana Budder

Herojuana is an indica dominant strain and is a cross between Petrolia Headstash and Killer New Haven. The strain is quite tempting and difficult to pass up.

Herojuana buds are rich green that glisten with chunky trichomes. Moreover, the nugs are coated with amber hairs and a lime green hue at the very center of the dense calyxes. That beings said, the buds are not large, but in fact quite compact.

As for the smell, it is extraordinary to say the least. It has a sweet and hearty aroma with earthy undertones. On the other hand, the Herojuana tastes sensational and is smooth during the inhale and exhale. As soon as you smoke the strain, the high will hit you almost immediately. You will feel a rush of soothing mellow relaxation course through your limbs and back. This buzz circles around the body for quite some time and delivers a euphoric sensation. The headstone is not as intense as it is supposed to be but you will feel focused and creative at the same time.

Herojuana is equally effective at treating medical conditions like stress, depression and even anorexia.

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