Diamonds – Mid Grade

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Diamonds – Mid Grade

Herbazon’s very own House Blend Diamond is a High Cannabinoid BHO Extract  containing THCA crystals drenched in a terpene rich, potent sauce. Our Diamond Sauce can be vaped or dabbed and is known for its calming effects, increased appetite, and over all sense of full relaxation.

There is no specific strain indicated, they are a blend

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1 oz, 5g, 3 oz, 1 g

5 reviews for Diamonds – Mid Grade

  1. Metro (verified owner)

    Herbazons Diamond sauce is really good and the best bang for buck it has a very rich taste too the terps that just makes the dabs 100x better it taste like somewhere between berrys and a sweet candy i highly recommend trying this

  2. Murphy (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff! Great price and delivered in only a couple of days! 10/10 will try again

  3. north3nb0y (verified owner)

    Smoking mids? Nah stuff is straight gas, lots of nose and packs a punch. Definitely a repeat customer on this.

  4. Ryan902 (verified owner)

    First oz was very good. Second one I was not happy at with. It’s more budder then diamonds. I would say go with the better diamonds. This is a hit or miss.

  5. Tyler.E (verified owner)

    Tasty diamonds that go great with a little shatter for a very relaxed high.
    definitely a re order, loved it!

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