Nepalese Temple Ball Hash – Nepalese Hash


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Nepalese Temple Ball Hash – Nepalese Hash

Hashish origins date back thousands of years to Lebanon and Nepal, where the annual cannabis harvest was concentrated and cured for storage to last until then next harvest season. This is prized connoisseur grade hash meant to be aged for extended periods of time allowing all the essential oils to meld together in perfect harmony. Temple Ball hash is a fully decarboxylated whole-plant cannabis concentrate. Nepalese Temple Ball hashish is well-known for its sticky, resinous color and texture. As well as its sweet, tangy flavor and narcotic, dream-inducing high. It is increasingly getting scarce. The gleaming skin, gooey texture, and the way that your fingertips become sticky the instant you touch it are all the evidence you need. You know for sure when you light up. This high is powerful yet not overpowering. Although it’s a potent hash, it’ll knock you out quickly. This has some curative effects which are good for depression. However, it’s not just about the THC content. The effects are pretty widespread around the body. If that’s what you’re looking for, buy Temple Balls today!

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1 Gram, Ounce


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