Platinum Pink Flower

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Platinum Pink Flower

Platinum Pink is an Indica-dominant strain that takes on a platinum-silver shade due to its thick coat of crystal resin. Its numbing effect may temporarily soothe the symptoms of stress and depression. In some cases, it can also help those with attention deficit disorder to sustain focus. Platinum Pink Kush offers a slow, creeping high and may take as many as 15 minutes after users have finished coughing on its smoke before revealing its force. Effects eventually emerge as a throbbing around the eyes and forehead. This sensation soon trickles down the neck and spreads through the core and limbs, making users feel weighed down. In addition to a sudden pervasive relaxation, users typically report a change in sensory perception. Visual and auditory amplification can be expected, as can some trippy phenomena like distorted depth perception or a strong sense of time dilation. As they acclimate to the force of this strain’s sedative and psychedelic power, smokers of Platinum Pink Kush may also notice that their thoughts take on a newly elevated quality.

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1 review for Platinum Pink Flower

  1. Ryan Deschamps (verified owner)

    I’ll give a 4 star I bought a half p. Deffs some gas. Wouldn’t say it’s a quad I’d put this at some high AAA+ maybe low quad at that 1200$ is a killer price still but don’t think it should hold a quad title. The other ones for 1350 look proper.

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