Runtz Cake Live Resin


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Runtz Cake Live Resin

Live resin distinguishes itself from other types of cannabis concentrates because it is created with fresh frozen cannabis—plants that are frozen immediately after being cut down at harvest. These plants are kept frozen throughout the extraction process and skip the drying, curing, and trimming phases of harvesting.  It is a more malleable concentrate, sitting somewhere between a wax and a sauce—not quite like taffy yet not too wet.  It is typically dark yellow in color but can vary from light yellow to white. Like all cannabis concentrates, it is extremely sticky, so you’ll need a dab tool to handle it.  Live resins tend to be potent with a lot of THC, and consumers love it because of its intense flavors and aromas.

Runtz Cake is a hybrid weed strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with White Runtz. The effects of Runtz Cake are more calming than energizing. Some say this strain makes them feel sleepy, giggly, and hungry.

The flavor of this strain may remind you of diesel with floral and pine undertones. The dominant terpene in this strain is caryophyllene, which is often associated with spicy flavor profiles.

Medical marijuana patients sometimes buy this strain when experiencing mild episodes of anxiety.

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