Trainwreck Live Resin

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Trainwreck Live Resin

A hybrid that leans towards the sativa end, but with its own Indica properties, Trainwreck strain will have you maintain a clean mental high, while relaxing and putting the rest of your body at ease.

Trainwreck has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best at stimulating a euphoric high, with a potent hit that can render any inexperienced smoker physically feeling slow or unable to move.

Trainwreck was created out of Mexican and Thai sativa, that was cleverly crossed with an Afghani indica. The result is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with a potentially heavy indica couch-lock.This makes Trainwreck an effective sedative, very compatible with slow down Sundays and afternoons that are tasked to be simple relaxing.

Trainwreck is a bit of a cerebral rollercoaster, with a potency high enough to hit you with a happy, euphoric high almost instantaneously. Trainwreck is quoted as being a bit of a mind-bender, creating a rush of joy and a feeling of being inspired. It is uplifting and relaxing at the same time, conjuring up just the right kind of emotions and a warm fuzzy overall feeling.  This strain is perfect for those who are looking for something to inspire them to be creative. Trainwreck can be quite heavy in its effects, due to its high THC levels, so proceed with caution, especially if you are not an experienced smoker. A little goes a long way with this strain.

Trainwreck has slight citrus undertones, which makes for a pretty fragrant experience. This strain can also smell slightly sweet mixed with a dash of spice. When smoked, Trainwreck can taste like fresh pine needles, reminiscent of a pine tree forest fire. It has a sharp lemon aftertaste and its pungent presence is very prominent. Cut with a bit of an earthy flavor; Trainwreck also has a little spice to it that sticks to your lips and makes the whole experience extra enjoyable.

Trainwreck has been proven to be very effective in the battle against chronic pain.  It is a powerful relaxant, which can help ease muscle spasms and other pain conditions.  Trainwreck is also very effective for the treatment against common and chronic stress, and many other mental health issues. It comes highly recommended for those who need a little help with their depression and anxiety or even PTSD.

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