Tuna Rockstar Flower (Gas)

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This pungent indica strain boasts impressive THC content that’s sure to keep indica fans happy while not being completely overwhelming for beginners. If you love a good indica high that’s soothing and relaxing, you’re going to love this classic strain for its strong and robust effects. The high from Tuna Rockstar is quite euphoric and will immediately lift your mind to a heightened state of awareness. The flavor of Tuna Rockstar is quite intense and more reminiscent of that dank skunky flavor that we all love and associate with potent buds. You’re going to get the flavor of sour, earthy, and dank weed, along with subtle notes of grapes and fruit. There is nothing quite like the pungent and dank aroma of Tuna Rockstar, and it’s quite memorable. If you love the couch-locked and heavily sedative high of a good indica strain, then you’re going to love the high you get from Tuna Rockstar. While the intensity of Tuna Rockstar is fantastic, it’s still a great strain for anyone that loves indicas, and we’re sure that it will make its way into your regular rotation of favorite strains.

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2 reviews for Tuna Rockstar Flower (Gas)

  1. Chris Cavanagh (verified owner)

    PRO: Well trimmed medium sized buds.
    PRO: breaks up fluffy after grinding.
    CON: Does not smell like Tuna at all..

  2. James bongs (verified owner)

    A few minutes after blazing the effects will creep through your body before completely taking over. This will leave your muscles relaxed, free of tension and stress. A true B.C strain that packs a 👊

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