Wappa Budder

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Wappa Budder

Wappa Strain Background The Wappa strain is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that was cultivated by Paradise Seeds. Crossing Sensi Star and Delahaze, the breeders were able to achieve a unique new cannabis strain that inherited some of the best traits from a sweetly scented variety of skunk from both parent strains.

Wappa has smooth, relaxing effects and a universally appealing flavor profile.  Wappa’s long-lasting potency has earned it accolades like Canada’s Cannabis Champs Cup in 2014 and the Euro Copa de Canarias in 2011.

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1 review for Wappa Budder

  1. xvorqu

    received a gram sample, very noice dabs
    nice indica baked buzzy feeling
    relaxed and it hits inna nice way
    got me coughin a lung, very tastey
    thx for the sample!
    (*i was using a dab pen, not best for taste for the crappy set-up i got atm haha, bet it slaps inna rig)
    id buy this but im lil broke hahaha

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