Watermelon OG Shatter Cartridge

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Watermelon OG Shatter Cartridge

1 mil shatter cartridge for 510 thread

Watermelon OG is a flavorful jewel in the cannabis world, offering a perfect blend of high THC levels and a delectable fruity flavor that’s hard to resist. As an indica-dominant hybrid, this strain inherits the best from its parentage, Watermelon and OG Kush, creating a symphony of taste and relaxation.

Watermelon OG is lauded for its potent yet harmoniously balanced effects, striking a perfect chord between euphoria and relaxation. Users often report an initial buzz of euphoria that lifts the spirits and fosters happiness and contentment. This makes the strain an outstanding option for melting away stress and embracing relaxation, as it promotes positivity and a peaceful state of mind. Despite its potency, the physical effects are moderate and manageable, preserving functionality and mental clarity. This gentle physical relaxation makes Watermelon OG ideal for unwinding, socializing, or enjoying a tranquil evening in good company.

2 reviews for Watermelon OG Shatter Cartridge

  1. Derian (verified owner)

    Good high gets u pretty stoned every hit

  2. Derian (verified owner)

    gets u pretty stoned every hit

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