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Why are small buds so cheap?

Why Are Small Buds So Cheap? Understanding the Value of Low Priced Bud

The cannabis industry has experienced a significant boom over the past few years, with more states and countries legalizing its use. As a result, there has been a surge in the variety of products available to consumers. One such product that has gained popularity due to its affordability is small buds or “popcorn buds.” But why are these small buds so cheap? This article explores the reasons behind the low priced bud phenomenon.

Understanding Small Buds

Before we delve into why small buds are cheap, it’s essential to understand what they are. Small buds, also known as popcorn buds, are smaller than regular-sized cannabis flowers. They get their name from their size, which is comparable to popcorn. These tiny nuggets come from the same plant as larger buds and have similar properties and effects. However, they’re often overlooked due to their size.

Reasons for Low Priced Bud

1. Aesthetics and Perception

One of the main reasons small buds are cheaper is because of aesthetics and perception. Larger, more aesthetically pleasing buds are often perceived as higher quality due to their size and appearance. On the other hand, small buds may not look as appealing due to their size and may be perceived as lower quality or less potent. However, this isn’t necessarily true – small buds can pack just as much potency as larger ones.

2. Harvesting Process

Another factor contributing to low priced bud is the harvesting process. When cannabis plants are harvested, growers prioritize larger buds because they’re easier to trim and handle compared with smaller ones. The smaller popcorn buds often fall off during this process and end up being collected separately. Because they require additional labor for collection and processing but yield less product by weight, growers typically price these smaller nugs lower.

3. Market Demand

Market demand also plays a role in pricing small buds lower than larger ones. Many consumers prefer buying bigger nugs because they believe them to be superior in quality or potency – even though this isn’t necessarily true! As a result of this preference for larger nugs, there’s less demand for smaller ones on the market – hence their lower price point.

The Value in Low Priced Bud

Despite being cheaper than their bigger counterparts, small buds offer great value for money – especially for budget-conscious consumers or those new to cannabis who want to try different strains without breaking the bank.

In terms of potency, small buds can be just as potent as larger ones since they come from the same plant and contain similar levels of cannabinoids like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol). They also offer an excellent opportunity for users who prefer less intense effects or want control over their dosage.

Moreover, if you’re into making your own edibles or extracts at home, small bud can be an economical choice since you’ll likely need quite a bit of material for these processes.


In conclusion, while it’s easy to overlook small bud due its size or perceived inferiority compared with larger nugs – don’t! These little guys pack just as much punch when it comes to potency but come at a fraction of the cost – making them an excellent choice for those looking for value in their cannabis purchases.

Remember: whether you choose large nugs or low priced bud ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs – there’s no right or wrong choice here! 

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