Chocolate Gelato Budder

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Chocolate Gelato is a hybrid marijuana strain that produces an extraordinarily high but is best known for its world-famous flavors and scents. The Chocolate Gelato is a combination of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Lemon Sherbert. The Chocolate Gelato marijuana strain has a  high THC level.  With its genetic lineage, expect a combination of high effects and a delicious fruity taste to stimulate the brain paired with a relaxing and calming state of the body.

Chocolate Gelato is a mixture of chocolatey and fruity sweets combined with the earthy smell of hemp. Its flavors are as intense as its aroma, with potent chocolate notes exploding in the mouth and a perfect combination of earthy and fruity tastes. When the dense, creamy smoke is exhaled, a subtle hint of herbal aroma appears.

Its euphoric and mood-lifting properties make it an excellent treatment for prescription cannabis patients with depression, Post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. It gives them a better disposition and improves their moods.  Its body numbing effects, may help alleviated symptoms of chronic pain, extreme migraine, severe back pains, and bone swelling.

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