Cosmonaut Budder

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Cosmonaut Budder

Cosmonaut Budder is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Jilly Bean X Bubblegum X Pineapple Express. This bud packs a super potent high and a flavor positively to die for. Cosmonaut has a tropical sweet pineapple flavor that has a light berry bubblegum exhale that’s slightly earthy. The aroma is very fresh with a tropical pineapple overtone accented by spicy earth and sweet herbs.

The Cosmonaut high comes on with a slowly building effect that fills the brain before expanding throughout the rest of the body. You’ll feel the heady effects first as your mind expands, filling you with a sense of cerebral clarity and focus that lends itself well to mental tasks. Your body will then drop off into a state of heavy sedation that leaves your physical form anchored to the world below as your mind reaches outer space.

With these effects, Cosmonaut is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, ADD or ADHD, chronic pain, and stress. This bud has fluffy spade-shaped neon green nuggets with long thin orange hairs a glittery coating of bright white crystal trichomes. Try it out today and you won’t be disappointed!

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28 Individual Grams, Ounce

3 reviews for Cosmonaut Budder

  1. Ms.Nugz

    Crazy awesome strain. Friends and I LOVED this!

  2. Tammy

    Nice I like the light Colour and the Aroma
    Just Perfect

  3. Cole (verified owner)

    WOW! Absolutely impressive!!! Tastes better and cleaner than this other budder wax I got from another site I use. So impressive I am not going back to them, I will only order from you guys from now on 😀

    Thanks so much for the samples, that Gelato is super yum!
    Look forward to my next order, thanks so much buds 😀

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