Diamonds – High Grade

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Diamonds – High Grade

Herbazon’s very own House Blend  is a High Cannabinoid BHO Extract  containing THCA crystals. They can be vaped or dabbed and are known for their calming effects, increased appetite, and over all sense of full relaxation.

There is no specific strain indicated, they are a blend.

These are one of the purest THC-dominant cannabis concentrates on the market, containing up to 99.9% THC when heated. They are typically vaporized or “dabbed,” either in combination with flower, within a concentrate, or for those with very high tolerance, on their own.

They are often consumed in combination with terpene-rich concentrates or terpene sauces to enhance flavor and aroma. The terpenes not only contribute to the overall taste and smell but may also interact with other cannabinoids in what is known as the “entourage effect,” potentially influencing the overall cannabis experience.

When using these or any highly potent cannabis product, it is crucial to exercise caution and start with a small dose, especially if you are not accustomed to such high levels of THC. The effects of them can be extremely intense and may lead to adverse reactions, particularly in individuals who are sensitive to THC or inexperienced with concentrated cannabis products.



19 reviews for Diamonds – High Grade

  1. alex4855vh (verified owner)

    Good price for diamond sauce very nice herbazon nice job.

  2. Paul snelgrove (verified owner)

    First time trying this product very strong in vapourizer will buy again

  3. Paul Mortier (verified owner)

    Fair price for quality product!
    Thank you

  4. Jacques Lafrance (verified owner)

    I got 5 grams of the mid grade and 5 grams of the high grade diamonds, it’s honestly hard to tell the difference as they both came labeled as just diamonds. But they did have a difference in colour so that’s what I based it off of. The taste is really good on these and the high is really nice. Live these and especially for the price are totally worth it!

  5. Taylor

    Feugo straight fire (roll a joint in it when warm, then in kief) then wrap a flavoured paper around that, and enjoy ;p source site email, tried it = 🔥

  6. alex4855vh (verified owner)


  7. Scoitadabber (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff for the price would highly recommend anyone to order these diamonds for the price you won’t be disappointed I will be order again for sure amazing diamonds smells amazing

  8. nickmonk1414 (verified owner)

    First time customer price was great. Product was even better. Definitely will be back

  9. kevinho770 (verified owner)

    great quality diamonds my only mistake was forgetting to order the terp sauce with it so I got some pretty bland tasting diamonds but I just add some live hash rosin into the bowl before I fire it up on my erig and it does the trick!

  10. Benoit charest

    Premier essaie de ce vrai petit diamand .Jadore je recommande le gout est vraiment exceptionnelle et l’effet est effectivement “high”

  11. Karl david Fleury (verified owner)

    I recommend this product , good taste , good buzz …. Everythings good

  12. jackson.metz10 (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed with these diamonds. They have a gassy taste but finish with a super refreshing fruity taste. For the price, you cannot go wrong. My only mistake was not ordering more.

  13. aaron s

    Buy NOW, won’t regret a dam thing.

  14. tara-lee2010 (verified owner)

    High grade Diamonds have incredible taste with a intense high even for the daily smokers. Will defiantly be buying again.

  15. karldavid8 (verified owner)

    always good !! that product is awesome good taste good price 🙂

  16. karldavid8 (verified owner)

    always good !! that product is awesome

  17. Ryan Deschamps

    Got a sample sent of high grade diamonds with my last order was pretty surprised with some of the sizes of stones . … high is strong . Had to take a 4 hour nap after a small toke . Will be buying at some point

  18. harrismathew (verified owner)

    First time trying diamonds. It was good and tasted awesome.

  19. brodyandstar (verified owner)

    This product does the job 100% and also taste great 👍 is my fav.

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