Hawaiian Fire Shatter

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Hawaiian Fire Shatter

“Fire” is a slang term for really good cannabis and in the case of this Hawaiian strain, it really is true. Rumored to originally hail from Maui, this strain will put you in an island mood with uplifting, happy effects that tend to make patients feel social and talkative. A great strain for relaxing with friends or listening to music, the cerebral effects of Hawaiian Fire are great for daytime use. It is also known to inspire your appetite in a big way, so pass the poi.

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2 reviews for Hawaiian Fire Shatter

  1. Trevor (verified owner)

    Delicious. Nice quick and long lasting buzz. Nice head high with enough of a secondary relaxing body stone. Not a couch locker a mellower of mood and body.

  2. Vaillancourt jean Vai (verified owner)

    Perfect delicious

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