Lemon Candy Flower

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Lemon Candy Flower

The Lemon Candy Strain is not typical a high energy strain that gets right to work as you inhale it. As the name denotes the Lemon Candy Strain is a sativa dominant strain, which is eerily similar to a good and strong cup of coffee. It starts working its way up your system gradually and slowly in a more effective manner and allows the person to feel a subtle yet effective treatment. It allows the person to experience a slow and relaxing heavy body sensation. The Lemon Candy Strain can make you happy and stay focused. It can make you feel uplifted and creative at the same time, which can allow you to take care of a task that requires a lot of thought and focus. It can also make you very euphoric and very talkative which is why it is best to take this when you have some company. It is known to be most effective for the treatment and relief of stress of any kind. The second most important use of the Lemon Sativa Candy Strain is to relieve pain. You can also treat a lack of appetite, anxiety and depression by making use of the Lemon Candy Strain.

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2 reviews for Lemon Candy Flower

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Pretty sure this is sativa dominant and I’ll be damned this shit is fireee. Smells like a lemon candy . Super chronic . Whoever grew this. You did well.

  2. jim penfold (verified owner)

    Loved the taste and the aroma. The high was just right.

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