Muerte Flower

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Muerte is known for its strong psychoactive properties that rush through your body with power and intensity, delivering calming sensations. This could easily melt away symptoms of anxiety, stress, or even PTSD. The first splash of high may be energetic and mood-boosting with positive vibes, but soon a drift follows that will lead into a sedating comfort and relaxation.  At this stage of the high chronic pain may be reduced. You may find yourself turning inward, sinking deeper into a calm and sedated mental state. Once a numbing effect covers your body, you might want to melt into your couch or lounging area, forgetting about tasks, worries, and anxious feelings.  Muerte is a marijuana bud for experienced users as this indica dominant strain carries relatively high thc content.

Muerte is a very tasty cannabis strain that offers an abundant aroma and flavour profile. The highlighted and commonly dominant notes in the taste of this weed bud tend to be ones of diesel, lemon, gas, woody, and pine, all dressed in a pleasant blend of herbal sweetness.


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1 review for Muerte Flower

  1. Darr (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for something to take away your aches, pains, and concerns, in the evenings, this does the trick for. Maybe not your best flower for a wake n bake unless your plans are to hang around on the sofa for the day cuddling with a bag oh Doritos … just sayin ~( ;

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