Sugar Black Rose Shatter



Sugar Black Rose Shatter

Sugar Black Rose Shatter is a unique hybrid cannabis strain. It combines strong genetics that cross Critical Mass and Black Domina to produce a powerful indica-dominant variety with powerful effects, a unique flavour and aromatic profile, and decent grow traits.

The effects of Sugar Black Rose Shatter are easy to classify as indica dominant; think a relaxing body buzz coupled with strong euphoria that leaves you feeling happy, uplifted, and sometimes even slightly tingly. This strain is also renowned for its potency, leaving even veteran users feeling nicely buzzed even after just a few tokes.

Medical users swear by this strain, claiming it can curb a wide variety of symptoms. The uplifting euphoria may help some relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression. Some user also claim it alleviates symptoms of PTSD. Next, the physical effects may help other patients treat pain, nausea, and relax the muscles. Some women have also noted it may help with menstruation associated pains.

The aroma and flavour of Sugar Black Rose are extremely complex. Upon opening a bag of fresh buds, users are likely to first notice a pungent sweet aroma slightly reminiscent of candies. Upon closer inspection, more subtle floral and earthy aromas may come also come to light. In terms of flavours, users will generally notice sweet, floral flavours combined with subtle earthy undertones.

Sugar Black Rose buds are usually Light green and completely covered in THC-rich trichomes. They are usually small and dense, typical of indica dominant strains like this one. Some buds may also have slight purple/black hues.

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