Cali Bubba Budder


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Cali Bubba Budder

Cali Bubba is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that has been created by crossing the infamous Cali with Bubba Kush. Due to its marvellous genetics and impressive effects, this marijuana quickly became a favourite amongst the users.

This cannabis plant offers a generous and complex flavour profile, with a sweet hash note from its Bubba parent and a delicious sweet fruity flavour from its Cali Kush parent. Its appearance features dark olive green coloration and dense buds in the shapes of tiny bumpy balls cozied up together. Orange, brown, and lime green pistils can be seen twisting around the buds. The overall plant is decorated by white trichomes in the shapes of snowflakes, creating a truly mesmerizing look.

Cali Bubba offers an impressive THC level.  This strain is a great choice for pain, depression and stress as it delivers tranquillizing effects accompanied by a state of ease and euphoria.

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28 Individual Grams, Ounce


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