Crushed Grapes Budder

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Crushed Grapes Budder

Crushed Grapes marijuana is a pure indica strain that is identified by its distinctive appearance and delectable taste and smell. With whooping THC levels that  offers an intense high that many cannabis users look for in a weed. This can prove to be quite overwhelming especially to novice users so this strain is not one to be taken lightly. With its powerful body stone, users are advised to take this in the evening before bedtime.

This strain has a uniquely beautiful appearance. Its mix of colors make the plant stand out. The large buds are dense and tightly packed. Deep green leaves curl up from the stems. These leaves are sometimes rained with hues of purple or red, depending on the phenotype. Pistils that are copper in color accentuate the flowers. Rich trichome production makes the buds resinous, suggestive of the strain’s high THC composition.

Crushed Grapes gives off literal crushed grapes aromas. Breaking up the buds releases a complex fruity scent profile that are dominantly of berries and candies. The smoke from combusting the buds is slightly harsh when inhaled but its fruity taste overpowers the skunky undertones. The exhale leaves a fruity aftertaste that can playfully linger on the palates.  The high kicks off gradually eventually leads to a heavy head and body high.  This strain offers a palpable sense not just of physical relaxation, but of mental tranquility as well. Users are led to a dreamy state of head high and a full body stone. For these reasons, users are advised to take this strain during the evening, when all the tasks of the day are done and all there is left to do is rest up and chill.

Crushed Grapes feminized marijuana provides a promising relief from various body aches and pains, temporary or chronic pains like fibromyalgia. It also relaxes muscle cramps, neck and back pains, and others. The dreamy and relaxing head high can also temporarily mitigate the symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mood related conditions. With the heavy body stone it results in, it can also be used by patients who are suffering from insomnia to induce sleep among them.

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